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Adding Users

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There are two ways in which you can add users:

1. Click on the “+” icon at the bottom left corner of the Timeline and type in a name or an email.

2. Or click on the Options (upper right corner) > open Users and click +Add user.

  • By entering only the name of the user, no log-in will be provided.
  • By entering an email address, an invitation will be sent to make logging in possible.

What If a User Doesn’t Receive the Invitation?

First, please check the Junk Mail folder. If it’s not there, go to Users from the upper Options tab and try re-sending the invitation or just copy-pasting the invite URL and sending it to them manually.

Editing Users

Access user settings from Options at the upper right, click on Users and then click on a user you want to edit. Or click on a User from the left panel.

User Details

Here you can change user’s name by clicking on the relevant field and entering these changes. You can also change the color of their icon or even their Profile picture by clicking on Edit Photo and choosing either the file to upload or the color to assign to them.

Add them to User Groups from here, just click on the box next to the Group name.

You can also invite the user by email so they would gain access to the timeline.

NB: Please note that once you’ve entered an email address for a user, it can only be changed on their personal My Profile page once they’ve logged in.

Unfortunately, this means if you mistyped their email, you would have to copy the invitation link so they could join with the fake email address and only then change it. Or delete the user and invite them again with the correct email address.

User Access rights

As explained in User Access article, you can assign your users different kinds of access. You can read more about it there.

National Holidays

You can select the country from where the User is and then the Timeline will be populated by the Holidays which are being celebrated in their country. If the country is not in the list, please contact our support and we’ll add it to the list.

Deactivate users

By deactivating users, you are disabling them from accessing your timeline while still keeping all their tasks. If you activate the user again, all their tasks will be shown again in the timeline.

To deactivate a user, click on the Edit next to their name from the Users tab or on the left panel, click on Deactivate.

You can find all your Deactivated users in the Users labeled as Inactive users (#) where # is the number of users which you have deactivated.

To activate them again, click on the Inactive users – Edit (which is next to the user you want to mark as active again) and then click on Activate

NB: You won’t be charged for deactivated team members.

Remove users

NB: When deleting a user, you’re also deleting all of their data as well so we would always recommend to deactivate your users instead so you could keep their data on your Timeline. Once a user has been deleted, it’s not possible to restore any of its data.


To delete a user, click on the Edit next to their name from the Users tab or on the left panel, click on Remove. Confirm the deletion and user should be completely removed from your timeline.

User Slider


Users slider that has been marked with the “+” icon, can still be used to add new team members and search everyone on your team. But above all, it’s a convenient way to move users to and remove them from the Timeline.

All users who are not part of the group you are currently observing, can be added to the group from there. Or instead removed from the group. Just drag them around.

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