Shortcuts and Fast Editing

Anyone who's ever made plans for anything knows that plans always change. Be it the tiniest detail or some significant rescheduling — Teamweek allows you to rearrange your plans quickly.

We have some tips and shortcuts to make it even easier.

  • Right Click on task: mark tasks done, delete and duplicate.
  • Quick Search: Cmd + K (Ctrl + k for PC)
  • Undo: Cmd + Z (Ctrl + Z for PC)
  • Navigate to “Today”: T
  • Open and close Backlog: press B
  • Find yourself on the Timeline: M
  • Print Timeline: Cmd + P (Ctrl + P for PC)

Some other useful tips:

  • Duplicate a task: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and drag the task on Timeline.
  • Bulk select tasks: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and click on a Task you wish to select, keep selecting
  • Bulk move tasks: hold Shift, select an area on the Timeline and drag tasks that are in it
  • Change the length of a task: drag its edge
  • Reorder tasks: drag and drop.

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