To help migrating tasks from one online product to Teamweek, make sure you get all the notification you need or stay up-to-date with your calendar, we have created some integrations.

Teamweek Button

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to connect your favourite apps with Teamweek, which is why we created the Teamweek Button. This Chrome and Firefox extension allows you to create a Task on any page you visit with the click of a button. You can also connect to some of your favourite web apps such as Asana, JIRA, Podio, Gitlab and Github.

Note: This will not automatically sync data, you will need to update tasks as they change.

Setting it Up

  1. Download the Teamweek Button from the Chrome Webstore or through Mozilla Firefox Add-on.
  2. Click on the button, sign in and start adding details of the Task.
  3. Click Add to send it directly to Teamweek. You may need to refresh your Timeline to have it appear.
  4. You can also select text on any page, right-click and choose Add to Teamweek.

Logging Out and Switching Accounts

  1. Open the Extensions page from Chrome menu or click on the Add-on in Mozilla - click on your workspace name in the upper left corner and click on Sign Out.
  2. Find the Teamweek Button Chrome extension.
  3. Click on the Options link.
  4. Click Sign out.
  5. Sign in again by clicking on the green TW button in any of the supported tools.


Slack integration gives you an opportunity to be more informed about what's going on with your Timeline. It will notify you when someone has modified a Task and include who edited, what was changed, etc. For the time being, Slack notifications will go out Sunday-Saturday if you sign up for the daily to-do. This means all seven days of the week.

Setting Up Slack Notifications

  1. Click on Settings & Team in the sidebar
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Select ****Slack
  4. Choose the type of integration you'd like to set up. You can choose one or all.

    • Timeline changes
    • Group Timeline changes
    • Daily to-do lists

  5. Select the Group or User you would like notifications from.
  6. Allow Teamweek to post messages to chat in Slack.
  7. Select the channel the messages should be sent to. We advise you to create a special channel for updates like this.
  8. For private messages select @slackbot as the channel.
  9. For Daily to-do list, select the time you wish to receive them and press Add.

To remove Slack notifications, click on the type of the Slack integration which you want to be removed and press Remove

Calendar Integration

Important to note: When you edit your tasks in Teamweek, there might be up to an 8-hour delay in syncing the changes. This is due to how Google's API is set up.

Calendar integration gives you a chance to export your Teamweek tasks to calendars such as Google, Office 365 Outlook and Calendar (Apple).

Bear in mind that only your part of the timeline will be integrated with your Calendar. Approximately two months of future tasks will be integrated with your calendar, starting with today's tasks.

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Go to: Integrations and click on Calendar
  2. Copy and paste your Timeline’s calendar link to your external calendar.
  3. In Google Calendar select Add by URL from the Other calendars drop-down menu.
  4. In Office 365 Outlook Calendar

• Click on Add Calendar.
• Paste the link from Teamweek
• Assign a name to your Calendar
• Click on Save
• Add start and end times for tasks longer than 24h.

Toggl Integration

Get your productivity on by making plans in Teamweek and tracking your time in Toggl.

Setting it Up

This is  a one-way integration from Teamweek to Toggl only and only Admins can set it up.

  1. Sign in/sign up to Toggl account.
  2. Go to Toggl Import page. Scroll down to Teamweek and select Enable Teamweek integration.
  3. Allow access to your Teamweek account and log in.
  4. You’ll be directed back to the Import page in Toggl.
  5. Click on the Sync button.

Managing Integration

  1. To stop syncing either users, tasks or projects, choose Delete configuration from the Cogwheel Icon next to the Sync button.
  2. Shut down the integration: choose the same option from the lone Cogwheel Icon at the top right.

Imported Data


• Imported as Toggl users.
• Existing users are matched by e-mail.


• Imported as Toggl projects.
• Existing projects will be matched by name.


• Imported as Toggl tasks. The existing ones are matched by the name.
• You can only import tasks from Teamweek that are attached to a project.

Auto Synchronization

• Enabled auto-synchronization from the  Cogwheel Icon at the bottom left*.*
• The tool will look for new imports at least once an hour (not available for users’ import).
• Switch back to manual sync by clicking on the  Sync button.

NB! The Sync now button doesn’t trigger an immediate synchronization. It may take an hour or more.

Toggl Button integration

You can also track your time directly from Teamweek by installing Toggl Button Extension either from Chrome store or Firefox. Once you add it and allow the Button to have permission to Teamweek, you will see Toggl button inside your Task popup in Teamweek.

API Access

If you’re a developer and you'd like to set up an integration, please feel free to use our open-source and let us know what you came up with.

Learn how you can set this up here.

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