What is Teamweek?

What is Teamweek, who benefits from it, and how does it differ from other tools?

Teamweek is an online planning tool for teams, to provide an overview of the current state of projects and what’s to come. Sharing the pipeline with the whole team fosters trust and enhances communication. Managers need to ask fewer questions and can concentrate more on planning.

What you can do with Teamweek:

  • Manage your team. Add your team members to a timeline and segment the people into smaller groups to get a better overview of what they’re up to. Segmenting becomes important with every team over 10. An overview is better gained in small bulks. Find out more about managing your team here.
  • Assign tasks and easily make long-term plans. Click and drag is the main action in Teamweek you need to learn. 
  • Change plans easily. We have kept the features lightweight so that it is simple to change plans because let’s face it, they tend to. 
Who uses Teamweek:
  • Creative teams, ad agencies and design studios who need a simple tool that would offer an overview, an opportunity for flexible planning and help them communicate their progress to clients.
  • Construction workers who need to allocate resources to different objects.
  • Startups and other tech companies who need a tool that fits their fast-paced workflow and doesn’t demand a lot of input to operate.
Why is Teamweek Different?

We offer the best visual overview of your plans, deadlines, and team capacity, as well as an extraordinarily flexible way to change those plans. We also see Teamweek as a communication tool that helps in managing expectations and is easily shareable to everyone involved with the project.

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