What Are the Key Features of Teamweek?

Team timelines.

After adding your employees to Teamweek, you can segment them based on who they work with or their place in the workflow. This will give you a better overview of what everyone needs to do.

Assignment and Editing.

Creating a task in Teamweek is done by simply clicking and dragging. The same goes for editing.


Make sure everyone understands what a task entails by breaking it down into smaller assignments. Ticking the items off one by one helps everyone to stay on track with the progress of the task.


Always know when the deadlines are to be able to plan around them. By sharing them in the header, you ensure that everyone has access to the important information.

Color Coding and Custom Colors.

Color coding ensures the best possible visual overview. It is normally used to either differentiate projects or project stages, depending on your preference. To ensure everything is set up the way you want it, we also offer custom colors to premium subscribers. 

Sharing The Timeline.

Keep everyone involved in a project in the loop by sharing it. Seeing the progress made helps manage client expectations and makes it easier to communicate what the project entails.

Zoom Levels.

Choose a zoom level based on your preference and on what needs to be focused on. Switch between weekly, monthly, 3-months and annual view (premium users only)

Project View.

Sometimes you need to focus on the process instead of just the users involved. Project view helps you understand your workflow better.

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