Slack Integration

Slack integration gives you an opportunity to be more informed about what's going on with your Timeline. It will notify you when someone has modified a Task and include who edited, what was changed, etc. For the time being, Slack notifications will go out Sunday-Saturday if you sign up for the daily to-do. This means all seven days of the week. 

Setting Up Slack Notifications

  1. Click on ... in the upper-right corner > Integrations
  2. Select Slack
  3. Choose the type of the integration you'd like to set up. You can choose one or all. 
    - Timeline changes
    - Group Timeline changes
    - Daily to-do lists
  4. Select the Group or User you would like notifications from. 
  5. Allow Teamweek to post messages to chat in Slack.
  6. Select the channel the messages should be sent to.
  7. For private messages select @slackbot as the channel.
  8. For Daily to-do list, select the time you wish to receive them and press Add.
  9. Remove Slack Notifications by clicking on the type of the Slack integration which you want to be removed and pressing Remove

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