Calendar integration

Important to note: When you edit your tasks in Teamweek, there might be a delay in syncing the changes.

Calendar integration gives you a chance to export your Teamweek tasks to calendars such as Google, Office 365 Outlook and Calendar (Apple).

Bear in mind that only your part of the timeline will be integrated with your Calendar. Tasks which are older than 2-3 months won’t be integrated. 

  • Go to: Integrations and click on Calendar

  • Copy and paste your Timeline’s calendar link to your external calendar. 
  • In Google Calendar select Add by URL from the Other calendars drop-down menu.
  • In Office 365 Outlook Calendar: 
    • Click on Add Calendar.
    • Paste the link from Teamweek
    • Assign a name to your Calendar
    • Click on Save
    • Add start and end times for tasks longer than 24h.

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