Should I use Daily Time Estimates?

Daily estimates can help train your brain to try and predict the hours it will take you (or your team) to complete a certain Task. You'll be better able to plan your resources and see who's overbooked and who is available. At the end of each week, you can sign up to receive the Weekly Digest Email which will show you how well you planned. 

How to Set it Up 

  • Set Working Hours for each User by clicking on the User whose hours you want to change. Use the + and - icons to add or remove hours.
  • Add Daily Estimates to each Task.
  • Hours that are still available to book will be shown in blue (e.g. -5).
  • If the user is overbooked, the number will be shown in red (e.g. +2).

Note: Employees can set this up for themselves as well.

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