How do Workspaces work?

Everything you do on Teamweek is tied to a Workspace: Subscription, Tasks, Users, Groups, Projects, etc. You can find the Workspaces you're a part of by going ... (upper right corrner) - Settings - Workspaces. Here you can create, edit and delete Workspaces if you have the right permissions. 

  • Create a Workspace by clicking on the blue plus sign in the bottom-right corner.
  • Edit or Delete a Workspace by clicking on the one you want to make changes to. A pop-up box will appear allowing you to change the name of or delete your Workspace. Note, we are unable to recover Workspaces so be sure you delete the correct one. 
Switch between Workspaces from the Timeline
  • Select ... in the upper-right corner
  • Press Switch in the blue bar beside the Workspace you want to switch to

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