User Permission Levels: Owner, Admin, Editor, Viewer, Dummy

You can grant different permission levels to each user on your workspace. Depending on the level, users will be able to interact with your workspace in different ways. You can set these up when you create a user but can also change them when the need arises. 

Here are the 5 types of permission levels ranging from restrictive to open:

  1. Dummy – no login information, because you haven’t sent them an invite. Dummies have their icons outlined, not fully colored.
  2. Viewer – can see the Timeline and is able to open tasks and see the notes and checklist sections. 
  3. Editor – can edit everything but has no access to Billing.
  4. Admin – can edit everything, manage the Billing page and other users. Marked with stars next to their avatar.
  5. Owner – you are the only user who can delete the workspace.

Changing permission levels:

Owners, admins, and editors have the ability to create new users and change their permission levels. To change permission levels go to the Users tab and click on the user you wish to change. 

If you want to change ownership please send us a message including who the owner is and who the new owner should be to

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