How to manage users?

Everything you need to manage a User can be found by clicking ... - Users.

Access user settings from ... > Users > click on the User you want to edit – or select a User from the left panel of your Timeline.

User Details

What can be changed?

  • User’s name
  • User’s initials
  • Their color icon or Profile Picture

NB! Only users in question can modify this data, admins don't have the permission to change the data on behalf of another User, no matter their permissions.

From the Users menu, you can also add them directly to one or multiple User Groups, just click on the boxes next to the Group names.

Note: Once you’ve entered an email address for a user, it can only be changed on their personal Settings page once they’ve logged in.

This means that if you mistyped their email, you would have to copy the invitation link so they could  join with the fake email address and only then change it. Or delete the user and invite them again with the correct email address.

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