Where Can I Change My Account Settings?

In the “My Profile” tab you can edit your personal information and manage your preferences.

Your Account

  1. Click ... in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose Settings from the drop-down.

My Profile

  • Edit your name and change your email address.
  • Upload and change your profile picture.
  • Change your initials by clicking on Edit Display Picture & Initials.
  • Delete your User Account.

Note: Once you delete your account, all of your data will be removed and it’s not possible to restore it


General settings

  • Decide which day your week begins
  • Hide weekends from the Timeline
  • Enable notifications to your email if someone assigns or edits a Task

High Contrast Mode

High Contrast Mode can make it easier to find items on your Timeline.

To turn it on:

  • Go to ... > Settings
  • Move the slider beside High Contrast Mode to make other options appear

Now, you can:

  • Make the text have higher contrast (turn gray font to black)
  • Add Background patterns to tasks
  • Add a Background pattern to the “Today” column
  • Add a darker Background to Weekends
  • Add strong borders between Tasks, Users, and Milestones
  • Add color contrast (replace dark background colors with lighter ones for better contrast)
  • Make fonts bigger


To unsubscribe from our emails:

  • Go to ... > Settings
  • Slide the bar beside Get Marketing e-mails

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