How to Get Started

Teamweek is a project planner designed to give you the best overview of what your team is up to and where your projects are heading.

First, Create a Project

When you open up Teamweek, the first thing you see is a project timeline. This feature helps you keep track of the process of any project at hand. Read more about setting up a project.

Now, Create Tasks

To add a task to your timeline, simply click and drag to create a colourful block of the length of your choosing. This block marks the dates you have chosen for the task to occur on. Read more about setting up a task.

Then, Add Users

Invite your teammates to Teamweek by adding their email addresses to the field. Or, if you would rather test Teamweek out alone first, just add a name (and no email) – this creates a dummy user. Dummy users cannot access the workspace but you can still assign them tasks. Furthermore, you can add an email to a dummy user later on, as needed.

See What Your Team Is Up To

Now that you've created projects and assigned tasks, it's time to enjoy a visual overview of what your team is up to by navigating to team-view. This will answer the question of what everyone is working on, at a glance.

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