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Teamweek is a team calendar that helps you visualize tasks on a timeline, plan projects better and therefore allocate resources efficiently. It helps you organise the workflow and make sure everyone on your team feels the sense of accomplishment.


First thing you see when you open up Teamweek is the Timeline. It’s a place where you can get an overview of all your tasks, team members and milestones.


Tips to manage your tasks:

  • Create: click on your Timeline and drag a task with a suitable length.
  • Make changes: move them by using drag and drop, edit the title, input Notes.
  • Bulk move: hold shift, select an area and drag to move several tasks at a time edit multiple Tasks with one click.
  • Duplicate: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and drag on Timeline. Or click on the Duplicate Icon inside the task edit popup.


Access projects from the Projects button in the upper left corner or press “P” for faster access to Projects list.

  • View tasks which are only related to the certain Project(s)click on the Project in Projects View
  • Color code for quick visual overview: click on the colored square inside the Project Settings.
  • Archive Projectsyou can easily archive Projects which you no longer want to use.

Milestones for Deadlines

Click a date on the Header to set up Milestones. You can connect Milestones and project by color coding.


Tips to collaborate with your team:

Your Preferences

Set up email notifications, get daily to-do lists, get Weekly Digests, hide weekends and add a profile picture under Settings.


To connect Teamweek with your other tools, select Integrations from the Cogwheel Icon at the bottom right.

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