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Daily Time Estimates

Estimating Tasks and Projects can’t be an easy task to do, it can be challenging at times and most often, we fail to do correct estimates. Teamweek won’t suddenly make you an expert into Estimating your Projects but it can help you create a habit of doing so.

Daily estimates are important to train your brain to try and predict how many hours will it take you (or your Team) to complete a certain Task.

Here are a few of examples how Daily Estimates can help you out when using Teamweek.


Daily Estimates can help you see which ones of your Employees are overbooked and which ones have more time than the others. To do so, you can use Flexible Working Hours.

    • Click on a User from the Users list
    • Under the Working hours, select the number of hours which your employee is working

NB: Employees can set this for themselves as well.

Once Employee’s hours have been set, you can input Daily Estimates on the Task and once you’ve saved the Settings, you should see the number of hours that employee has for that given day on the Timeline.

Weekly Digest Email

This nifty new Report should help you in having an overview of your Teams and Projects. In order to have the most accurate Report, using Estimates is crucial. Without them, Report would look empty and without any specific data which might help you in managing your Team better.

Once you’ve set your Daily Estimates, every Friday you should get an accurate overview of how your Team is doing and how far along has your Project come.

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