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Editing Users

Access user settings from the Cogwheel Icon at the bottom right, open Settings and select Users. Then click on a user you want to edit. 

You are able to:

  • Edit name.
  • Add an e-mail to send an invite and make logging in possible.
  • Choose color or upload a picture.
  • Set or edit user access rights.
  • Manage Group membership.
  • Set national holidays.
  • Delete or deactivate users: click on the Edit next to a name and select Remove or Deactivate in an upper corner. You won’t be charged for deactivated team members.

Please note that once you’ve entered an email address for a user, it can only be changed on their personal My Profile page once they’ve logged in.

User Slider


Users slider that has been marked with the “+” icon, can still be used to add new team members and search everyone on your team. But above all, it’s a convenient way to move users to and remove them from the Timeline.

All users who are not part of the group you are currently observing, can be added to the group from there. Or instead removed from the group. Just drag them around.

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