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Teamweek is a team calendar that helps you visualize tasks on a timeline, plan projects better and therefore allocate resources efficiently. It helps you organise the workflow and make sure everyone on your team feels the sense of accomplishment.

Every Team works in a different way and you can use Teamweek for various purposes. Here are some of the most common uses of Teamweek which might be helpful for you to learn how to set up Teamweek for your Team.

Using Teamweek for daily project management

Are you still using whiteboards and Excel sheets to track the progress of your Projects and Tasks? It might become overwhelming at some point and with more people and more assignments, it’s difficult to keep track who did what and when. Using Teamweek’s Projects View (Premium Feature) might just be what you need to make sure your Team never misses a deadline.

You can use Projects View to select one of the Projects and clearly see who is working on what or you can select multiple Projects if you want to see a full overview of how things are moving along.

Using Teamweek to manage your resources

Each Team has their own workflow and each Product Lead has their own way of managing Resources and Tasks which are at hand.

In order to manage your resources with Teamweek, we’d recommend using Daily Estimates and Working hours.

By selecting Working hours, you are determining how many hours your employee is working on a daily basis. Once you’ve set the setting, create a Task and input the daily estimate hours.

When you return to the Timeline, you’ll see a total number of available hours that employee has for that given day. This way, you’ll be able to see who is overbooked and who has more slots in their day.

Another benefit from this is that you’ll get better in estimating over time which can save you a lot of time and money in a long run.To get the most benefit from both Working hours and Estimates, you can also set up to receive Weekly Digest Emails. These emails will keep you informed how your Team is doing and who needs a bit of your extra attention whether to decrease their workload or to give them some additional assignments.

Using Teamweek for long term overview 

How does your Team plan out future projects? Most of the teams do their planning in quarters which is why 3-months view is the View is used the most when you want to have a clear overview of what’s to come.

In 3 Months View, you can clearly see if there are any holes in the schedule and what can be moved to the next week or month. If you need to see more closely what’s going on in the certain week or month, you can easily switch between those views and see if any changes are needed.

If you want to focus only on your schedule for the given week, we recommend using Agenda view which gives you an overview of your Tasks during a certain day or for a whole week.

Case Studies

Several of our awesome Users have written case studies on how they have been using Teamweek for the past several years. We encourage you to check them out for some additional inspiration:

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