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Shortcuts to Save Time

  • Undo your last move: press Cmd (Ctrl for PC) + Z.
  • Navigate to “Today”: press T.
  • Open and close the Backlog: press B.
  • Open Project Settings: press P.
  • Get straight to you on the Timeline: press M.
  • Print your Timeline: press Cmd (Ctrl for PC) + P.
  • Duplicate a task: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and drag it on Timeline. Or click on the Duplicate Icon inside the task edit popup.
  • Bulk move tasks: hold shift, select an area on the Timeline and drag task that are in it
  • Bulk select tasks: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and click on a Task you wish to select, keep selecting
  • Change the length of a task: drag its edges.
  • Reorder tasks: drag and drop.


  • Have a large team? Create User Groups to see only the people you need.
  • Need to focus on a specific project? Use Project View.
  • Need to limit someone’s access? Edit your team members’ access rights.
  • Need to know when a plan has been changed? Enable notifications.
  • Need to access everything in one place? Export Teamweek tasks to your external calendar.
  • Need help? Use the Help & Tips page from the Cogwheel Icon at the bottom left to contact us.

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