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How We Use Our Own Product

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It’s not about working harder, but smarter — to get things done swiftly before taking on new challenges. Because life, whether at work or at the beach, should be a priority.

Our Favourite Tips to Plan Like a Pro

Serge, Product and Development Lead:
Set up a specific color for each project to make it easy to follow. Use color coding to connect projects and Milestones.

Jozef, Product Lead/Designer:
Don’t go too deep into details, it’s not worth it. Plans change anyway. Sometimes it’s faster and smarter to delete and create new tasks.

Laura, Onboarding Manager:
React to change and rearrange your plans accordingly. Drag and drop is your friend.

Annika, CEO:
Use Teamweek every day. Continuously.

Dhruv, Front-End Developer:
Use Teamweek Button to integrate with Trello, Jira, GitHub & GitLab

Andrei, Marketing Manager:
Add bullet points to a task description by simply adding “*” and shift + enter.

Nina, Support Agent:
Declutter your timeline by creating User Groups, your eyes will thank you. Also if plans change, shift your tasks with Bulk move.

See the complete timeline with all of our plans here.

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