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Manage Unassigned Tasks

In this article: add tasks, edit tasks, manage tasks
  • Click on the Backlog Icon (at the bottom right corner).
  • Shortcut: press “B” to open and close the BacklogBacklog


  • Create new folder: click Add.
  • Create a task: type a name of the task into the Add new task field and hit Enter.

Editing Tasks

  • Edit: simply click on a task to access edit popup.
  • Add: color, daily estimates, project, notes.
  • Delete tasks: click the Trashcan Icon in the edit popup.
  • Search tasks: type the name in the Search field. All folders the current task is associated with are displayed.

Managing Tasks

  • Drag tasks on to your Timeline or back: click, hold, move and drop.
  • Duplicate and keep a copy in the Backlog: press Cmd (Ctrl for PC), click and drag.
  • Trello integration: If you’re using Trello, import your Trello cards to the Backlog. Read more

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