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In this article: create a milestone, manage milestones, holidays

Milestones can represent anything – a deadline, the end of a project, a holiday or really any major event.

Adding Milestones

  1. Click on a date in the header.
  2. Add details to the popup.

Managing Milestones

  • Edit: click on it to update information.
  • Move: drag and drop.
  • Connect with Projects: color code milestones and projects for a better visual overview.


  • Holidays: turn milestones into holidays by activating the switch.
  • User-based holidays: add national holidays based on user’s location. Read more

Visible to Everyone

Selecting Visible to all Groups will show the Milestone to Everyone in all User Groups. When you share a Group’s Timeline, public milestones will be hidden as they belong to the User Groups.


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