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There are 4 different views to choose from at the bottom right.

Agenda view

Detailed overview of your personal tasks. Scroll vertically to reach desired dates. To view other team members’ tasks in the Agenda view, choose their name from the user popup at the bottom left.

Week view

Use loaders on the edges of the screen to move between weeks.

Month view

Two months prior and after the selected month are loaded automatically.

3-months view

Behaves like the previous two zoom levels, it gives you more insight on what is going and provides a long term overview of your Tasks.

Annual view


Annual view is only available to our Premium users and those who are currently trialing one of our Pricing plans. It gives you in-depth overview of what is going on in your team in a course of one year.

Scrolling the timeline

  • Scroll: use your touchpad or mouse.
  • Scrollbar: click on the Scrollbar at the bottom and drag.
  • Header scroll: click and grab the Header and drag it along.

Date picker

Click on the current month at the bottom right and select the date to quickly access it.

Jump to Today

Press “T” or click on Today in the bottom right corner of the navigation area.

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