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Teamweek is a team calendar that helps you visualize tasks on a timeline, plan projects better and therefore allocate resources efficiently.

Teamweek has been around since 2013. First established as a side project by the people behind the popular time tracker Toggl, it’s now become a self-sufficient product. And instead of being used internally by just their team, it helps to plan the time of tens of thousands of users all around the globe, including creative teams in Vice, BuzzFeed, Spotify, Disney, Sony Playstation, and countless others.

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What is your colleague Jim working on today, and how long will he be working on it? When your company signs up for a Teamweek account, the answers to these questions (and many others) are just a few clicks away. Stephanie Miles

 However there’s a new tool on the block. Its called ‘Teamweek’ and I’m really enjoying working with it. Some of the key features are that it has an iPad app that works great for touch. You can also display it on your TV so if you have a big LCD screen in your office you can display your project timeline for all to see. Steven Burles

Most to-do list apps worth their salt have the ability to schedule tasks. TeamWeek takes it a step further by creating Gantt charts to see how long each task will take and who is responsible for what. Lifehacker

In today’s busines world, keeping everyone on the team in the loop is essential. There are different types of collaboration suites available on the market. Teamweek (Web) is perfect for those collaborating on time-sensitive projects, which require a step-by-step approach. Forbes

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