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How to Subscribe

  1. Click on the Cogwheel Icon > Settings > Billing.
  2. Choose a suitable plan.Billing tab
  3. Click on Start 30 Days Free Trial.
  4. First upgrade is free  for 30 days.
  5. To continue subscription after the trial, add your payment details.

Manage Subscription

On your Billing page you will find information about:

  • Account balance.
  • Current monthly charge.
  • Next payment date.
  • Your current method of payment.
  • Invoices/receipts.

You can:

  • Add/change payment details: We will make a one-dollar test payment to validate your credit card, but this will be cancelled immediately.
  • Add invoice details: Click on the History, Payment and Invoice details.
  • Download invoices/receipts by clicking on the PDF icon.
  • Cancel subscription: reduce the number of users up to 5, click Downgrade on the Free plan

 Value Added Tax

  • Since we are located in Europe, we are required to include VAT charges on invoices for all European customers.
  • VAT will be displayed on all invoices as a separate item.
  • If you fill in a valid VAT code you will receive 0% tax rate invoices.Billing
  • In case our European customers have added no VAT code, extra 20% of Estonian VAT will be charged. 
  • Please enter the code with capital letters and numbers without any dashes or other separators.
  • Your code will remain not valid (marked in red) as long as it’s confirmed by your country rules.
  • Estonian residents will always be charged VAT.
  • We do not store any credit card information.
  • We receive payment references from the payment solution provider. We use a third party payment gateway to handle all payments.

 Suspended Account

 This happens when:

  • Account doesn’t have enough balance to pay for the selected pricing plan. 
  • You haven’t entered payment details by the end of the trial period.
  • Your account payments have failed for 7 days in a row.

To revoke the suspended state, you can either:

  • Make a new payment.
  • Reduce your team size to fit the free plan team size (max 5 users). Go to Billing and click Upgrade and select the plan. no 1.
  • Contact us at

NB! No refunds are made for any payments that have already been made.

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