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Teamweek On Mobile (Android)

In this article: android
  • Go to Teamweek via your mobile browser
  • Place Teamweek on your Home Screen by following these instructions:

How to set up:

  • Click on the three dots at the upper right corner
  • Click on Add to Home screen


  • Access: enter your sign in credentials; sign up if you don’t yet have an account.
  • Add tasks: find the date and click on the “+Add” field.
  • Edit a task: click on the task and you’ll see the edit view. 
  • Change the color, name, project, duration or time estimate, add or remove notes or mark the task as completed > tap Save.
  • Change views: press the arrow next to Agenda at the top to change to Week view.
  • Change groups: select the Week view and choose the group by tapping Everyone.
  • Navigate: tap on Today at the bottom to reach current date. Or tap on the month next to Today and select a date you wish to navigate to.

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