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Timeline Overview

1. Timeline view:
Gives you a quick overview of who is doing what, when and where.

2. Users:
Stay connected and manage all your team here.

3. User groups/Projects View (Premium):
Enables you to reduce clutter and display only the users and projects you need.

4. Navigation:
There are 5 ways to move around – smooth scrolling, date navigator, scrollbar, click and drag the header or use letter “T” to return to today.

5. Zoom levels:
You can choose between 5 different views – Agenda, Week, Month, 3 Months and an Annual view.

6. Backlog:
Plan ahead by creating to-do lists.

7. Settings:
Manage your personal preferences and account settings, stay synced with other tools, search for tips or send us feedback.

8. Header:
Milestones help you keep an eye on your deadlines and holidays.

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